Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween and re-welcome to the blog!

Welcome to the re-launch of my blog Hauntedracula’s House Of Dorkness.  As I’ve been doing a lot more writing lately for outlets such as Motif Magazine, Forces Of Geek, and Cashieres Du Cinemart I have decided to get the blog up and running for pieces I’d like to write that aren’t right for any of the other venues. 

In preparation I have cleaned up what already existed here on the blog and given the whole place the once over. Now as much as I would like to promise regular daily or even weekly content that just isn’t going to happen, but I assure you that there will be new content added periodically and that if you check back every couple of weeks you should find something new.

So please do check back and you will find my thoughts on movies, music, television, or whatever else strikes me as something worth writing about. And of course if you have something that you would like me to cover here on the blog be sure and contact me.

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